Smart Contract Audit Token F6 Expenses

Note: This article’s wording is nearly identical to the F5 expenses. They are essentially the same except one is for F5 and one is for F6, so no need to reinvent the wheel.

 As we are trying to encourage all Catalyst funded projects to share their expense data, it is only fair that we do it as well. Here we have a summary of the funding received as well as the main expense categories shown in USD and ADA. All ADA was paid into a single wallet for both funds 5 and 6. There was slightly more spending on the F5 proposal that came out of the F6 proposal. To make up the difference, I will perform review work that needs to be done for no cost.

We included the spreadsheet that lists out each expense made and provided copies of the invoice or receipt where available. Receipts are given in the different tabs and correspond to the expense numbers. In the statement you can see tickmarks next to the categories (e.g. Sum of <B>). This is to show you where you can fund them in the expense listing. If you sum up all the <B> in the listing, it will add up to the number in the statement.–0ZmWiHmV9E/edit?usp=sharing

Comparison to Original Budget

As discussed in our article Catalyst Expense Review ( our initial plan was that all Catalyst funded projects would be required to go through expense review. We were not able to implement this program without Catalyst sanctioning it, so we had to pivot to this model. We created a website where projects could share their expenses or any other information if they choose to. Because of this, comparison to the original budget does not make sense.

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