Smart Contract Audit Token F5 Expenses

As we are trying to encourage all Catalyst funded projects to share their expense data, it is only fair that we do it as well. Here we have a summary of the funding received as well as the main expense categories shown in USD and ADA. All ADA was paid into a single wallet for both funds 5 and 6. As you can see here, more ADA was spent than received. The excess amount came from the Fund 6 budget but these expenses were related to the F5 project so they are shown here.

We included the spreadsheet that lists out each expense made and provided copies of the invoice or receipt where available (link below). Receipts are given in the different tabs and correspond to the expense numbers. In the statement you can see tickmarks next to the categories (e.g. Sum of <B>). This is to show you where you can fund them in the expense listing. If you sum up all the <B> in the listing, it will add up to the number in the statement.

Comparison to Original Budget

The original budget that appeared in the F5 Catalyst proposal is shown below. This was my first Catalyst proposal and I admit that it is not very detailed or thorough. In general I would pay more attention to creating a detailed budget going forward.

Creating the platform: 20,000
Creating the website: 5,000
Creating audit program and training materials: 10,000

While it was not very detailed, we have actually tracked fairly well against it. We have incurred $509 in expenses related to website so far and have yet to pay the $1,500 we owe for it (still has not been billed). Which would give about $2K for website costs. So that was overestimated by $3K. Our budget for creating the platform was 20K which ended up with a total cost of $24,290, so $4.3K over budget. Then the decline in ADAs value over the 8 months or so took up the majority of the rest of the budget, so anything additional will be covered outside the budget. As the cost to complete the platform has been prepaid and I can complete most other materials without cost, I am not concerned about being able to finish. This has been taking longer than originally expected, but we did not originally plan to build and release the DYOR Tool separately. We expect to have the platform up and running within the next 5 months or so.

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